What is Design Thinking?


Design Thinking is one of the most popular approaches for problem solving, product & service development and process optimization, focusing on innovation in a user-centred way. It originates from the US (University of Stanford as well as from IDEO, the design consultancy), and it is being used widely from start-ups to multinational corporations.

This methodology follows an agile and iterative process for problem solving with a wide range of methods (toolbox) to solve business challenges in an innovative way. The methodology and its mindset highly focuses on the user and takes significant time to truly understand and analyse the problem, before looking for creative solutions. Getting deeper insights makes it easier to find the best fitting solutions for our problems.

Where could Design Thinking help?

  • …to create, further develop or optimize company-internal or external processes, products and services

  • …to identify and solve company-internal or external (even complex) problems

  • …to practice and anchor user-centricity and its mindset within an organization

  • …to improve user- and customer experience as well as customer satisfaction

  • …to boost corporate creativity

  • …to learn the iterative and agile mindset via practical cases

  • …to support the digital transformation and operation

  • …to practice creative problem solving and to develop innovative ideas and solutions e.g. on team buildings

  • … in some cases for change management purposes

How to start?