How to start?

Design Thinking can be experienced in a short introductory workshop (3-4 hours) to get  first insight into the process, mindset and its opportunities. This short session also includes a slot to discuss some use cases of the participants too.


There are also possibilities to get a deeper understanding in a 1 or 2 day-long training, method- and process deep dives as well as to learn, how to facilitate Design Thinking workshops and projects (incl. train-the-trainer concepts).

design-thinking-gere-peter-coach-workshopAnd of course the methodology is the most effective, when we use the process and its toolbox to solve our own real business challenges within workshops or innovation projects.

For more information, please feel free to contact me.



If you prefer to start with a free DEMO session, this is also possible:

Take your goal, challenge or problem considering your clients (external) or your colleagues (internal), and I will show you, how Design Thinking would approach it and start with it.

The DEMO session takes about 1-1,5 hours and it is available for 1-3 managers; a pre-alignment on the phone is needed.

Please feel free to contact me to request a free demo: