In today’s highly digital and connected world, the complexity exponentially rises and start-ups with disruptive ideas and business models often become significant competitors to estblished multinational competitors on the market.

Giving the best user experience (customer or employee experience) becomes an important aspect for more and more companies, organizations and universities nowadays to keep their customers, cooperational partners as well as their employees. Users are keener on receiving a high user experience than ever before, and if they do not get satisfied, they just change for another company’s product / service or their employer.

These trends result in significant challenges for companies. There is a need for a new way of thinking and problem solving to address internal challenges, product and service development, process improvement and strategies.

Design Thinking is an agile conceptual methodology, using a user-centred mindset to consider and solve problems in an innovative and out-of-the-box way. By using its toolbox, business challenges can be reframed and it can help companies or organizations to create more successful products, services, processes and strategies.

This mindset can help companies (from start-ups to multinational corporations) and organizations to become more flexible and adapt to the quickly changing circumstances of today’s world.